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Macintosh HD:Users:dan:Desktop:collage.jpgBecause it makes a firm impression, an emotion is a way to establish a clear connection with another person. Not only does this emotional link allow capturing one’s attention, but it also plays a key role in our understanding, memorising and learning abilities. In short when there is an emotion, there is communication.




Managing emotions – Behavioural communications – Develop one’s intuition – Speaking in front of an audience


Macintosh HD:Users:dan:Desktop:20DEA15AC-D251-F32F-FDB91786B70A38BE.jpg Breaking the ice, having an impact, revealing one’s true self, getting the attention of an audience, making what is non obvious simple…

Is this approach appropriate today, are we on the same wavelength, will we get on well? There is food for thought, but I can assure you that the answer will be obvious when we meet for the first time.





The shows

Macintosh HD:Users:dan:Desktop:timthumb.jpgDo you wish to run one of your professional events as a show? I select entertainment shows for you, making sure they are perfectly suited for the circumstances and the audience. Acting as your single point of contact, I will guarantee once in a lifetime events.



What we can offer you

Magic show – Hypnosis show – Theatre Imposture show- Company theatre


A playful illustration of your challenges

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Enforcing team spirit, fixing issues through humour, managing change, presenting new products or services, training your teams… Whatever your goal, company theatre will help you surprise and captivate your colleagues!A fun, informative and gathering process, company theatre allows a number of different activities :

Sketches, role playing, real life situations along with feedback

Comedians at your company’s service

Comedians acting in company theatre must show more than state of the art abilities. They also need to have an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ activities and a strong experience with company life in order to be able to embody a whole range of roles in company theatre.






Magic and neurosciences

Passionate about magic shows and neurosciences, I carry out extensive research on neuromagic, a novel science which brings together cognition and attention.
Neurosciences focus on the structure and operation of our nervous system. They lie today between biological, medical, psychological, chemical, mathematical and computer sciences.

Macintosh HD:Users:dan:Desktop:Blue-brain.jpgNeuromagic originated from the combination of magic and neurosciences. This science has been developed in the United States by a renowned pioneering team consisting of Pr STEPHEN MACKNICK and Pr SUSANA MARTINEZ-CONDE. It aims at gaining a better understanding of functions such as intent or attention, using cognitive illusions forged by magicians.

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